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[Working] League of Legends Gold Hack

Posted by FreewareMan On Mittwoch, 21. März 2012 1 Kommentare

League Of Legends Gold Hack

Tired of having feeder for teammates? Always doing your part trying to save them but fall into
consequence and screwing yourself over? This where the League of Legends Gold Hack comes into play.
What this hack does is you set the amount of gold you start with and the amount per second you
wish to receive. It’s pretty simple to use. My favorite thing about this hack is during ranked
games, there always seem to be trolls, you know, people who don’t care about winning or losing and
just feed for the fun of watching others rage. Yeah those trolls wont matter if you win the game before
the other team gets fed.
However, you have to be smart when using this hack. If you start off buying
Infinity edges , Warmogs and other expensive items during the first few minutes of the game, then
obviously people are going to see you as a hacker, and you most likely will receive account reports.
If you receive too many account reports, your’ account will be flagged. If you use this hack wisely,
you should be fine.

Update: Working for the latest League Of Legends Patch!

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FreewareMan hat gesagt…

Loool! It's working. Thanks dude. :)

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