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[Working] League of Legends Regeneration Hack

Posted by FreewareMan On Mittwoch, 21. März 2012 0 Kommentare

League of Legends Regen Hack V2.1
Ever had a ban lane partner? Or the lane you’re up against has just a ridiculous harass that makes you have to back out often? Well forget buying potions. We’ve got a better solution, The League of Legends Regen Hack. This is probably one of the strongest hacks that you can have at a player’s disposal. This is one of those hacks where you would think ”This is just too good to be true”. The best part is, it is extremely simple to use.
  1. First thing you do is start a League of Legends game.
  2. Next thing would be too press Alt+Tab and open up the League of Legends Regen Hack.
  3. Last step is specify the amount of hp/mana regen you want.
  4. Click activate, and that’s it !
PLEASE READ: However, you have to use your common sense while using the League of Legends Regen Hack. Unless there is a admin spectating your’ game, there is no way for riot to detect this. But if you are going to put your hp Regen to some extremely absurd number (lets say 300 like the picture you see above) you will easily be caught as a hacker by other players. This will for sure result in players rage-quitting the game and you will most likely receive a load of account reports. If your account receives to many account reports, then you account will get flagged. However, if you’re smart and use the League of Legends Regen Hack wisely, then you should have nothing to be concerned about. What I normally do is set my hp/mana regen to something around 20-30. Sure people will get frustrated with your lane sustainability but none of them are going to suspect or accuse you of being the hacker you are. Even if they do, you can always play it off and say you get the regeneration from your’ regen runes. ;D ! Are you ready to be in the ELO you deserve!?

UPDATE : Works For Latest League of Legends Patch!

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