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[Working] League of Legends Skin Hack

Posted by FreewareMan On Mittwoch, 21. März 2012 0 Kommentare

League Of Legends Skin Hack V1.7

Ever wish you could have that new legendary skin that just came out, but you don’t feel like wasting money on a game? Then this is where the League of Legends Skin hack comes into place. League of Legends Skin Hack in my opinion is one of my favorite League of Legends hacks we have here. Why? Simply because it feels great starting a game with people complementing you on your skin, plus you feel like a bad ass when you aren’t only doing great but you’re also looking great. What this League Of Legend Skin Hack does is it unlocks every skin for the selected champion. The difference between the League of Legends Skin Hack and using Custom Skins is that everyone can see the skin, not just you, That’s the best part.

League of Legends Skin Hack
UPDATE : Works For Latest League of Legends Patch!

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