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[Working] League of Legends Map Hack

Posted by FreewareMan On Mittwoch, 21. März 2012 0 Kommentare

League of Legends Maphack V5.1
♦Tired of shitty team mates not calling MIA?
♦Sick of getting gank by bush campers?
♦You’re the only one buying wards?
♦Say goodbye to fog of war and buying wards!


Probably the most requested League of Legends cheats is what we call the maphack. The League of Legends Maphack enables you to see through the fog of war and analyze your opponents every move. In this version, you will also be able to see invisible units such as the champions (Shaco,Evelynn, Twitch, Akali, etc) as well as wards and Teemo mushrooms and Shacos annoying JitB. Now the League of Legends Maphack has a few unique features that can actually be toggled off and on.
  • F4: This Toggles the League of Legends Maphack on and off. You should hear a pinging sound that notifies you that the hack is enabled.
  • F3: This Toggles whether you want to remove the fog of war Entirely or just your mini map
  • F7: This Toggles “friendly warnings.” If this is to be enabled, you will automatically type in “mia” to let your teammates know if an enemy champion leaves 1500 distance from your champion and does not return within 5 seconds. Additionally, if there is an enemy champion that comes within 1500 distance of your champion, a warning flash will automatically appear on your screen just in case you weren’t paying attention to your mini map!

UPDATE :Works For Latest League of Legends Patch!

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